April 15, 2021


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As a career coach and college counselor, I have fresh graduates asking me whether jumpstarting their career right after graduation would be more beneficial or pursuing a master’s degree prior to taking a fulltime job would increase their chances of starting on a much higher position. And of course there are those bold enough to chase both.

            Often faced with the same question coming from students for years now, I have come to realize that students actually have this thinking that the period of getting ready for their careers is best done after graduation, a few days prior to their first job interview. So whenever they ask me if when they should prepare for their dream jobs, I’d tell them that they are four years late, or probably more. And they’d look at me as though it was the school’s worst decision hiring me as a career coach and counselor.
            And I’d explain to them that they were not made to go through years of schooling, Algebra, Chemistry, thesis, and research papers just for the sake of torturing them. Those “worst years” of their lives were actually there to prepare them for their career. Gladly, a lot of the students I happen to talk with actually realize what I’m trying to point out. A good number would express regrets but I always tell them it’s never too late.
             So if you’re a lucky being reading this who still got a few years in school, you might want to consider the following points in order for you to prepare for that dream job of yours.
1. Know your goal.
            Before applying for admission in college, you should know which career path to pursue. At this time, you should already realize that your major should be relevant to the profession you’d want to e involved in. While there are a lot of success stories where people actually excel and become successful in fields too far from their degrees, this is not always the case. So if you intend to be in the corporate jungle, pursue a management or business degree, and if you dream of getting into the medical field, take a premed course.
2. Find a good school.
            In relation to my statement above that preparing for your dream job actually takes a long time this second point is actually possible if you have prepared yourself during your secondary school years. If you wish to get a scholarship from good schools, better invest in your academics as well as leadership credentials during secondary school. If you’re gifted with the skills, you may also get scholarship through sports. Finding a good school is not merely for namesake purposes, these schools are actually being looked up to because they are equipped with the best curriculum, the most competent faculty, and the most adequate facilities to help you in your training.
3. Excel in college.
            You may have passed through high school as though it were play school but if you’re serious enough at landing to a good job; you should do really well in college. As much as possible, excel academically as well as in extracurricular activities. You need not necessarily be on top, just do your really best and everything will eventually pay off.
4. Find the right connections
            Remember that being in the right network of people can open the doors for you into eventually getting the job you’ve always dreamed of. While at school, you may sign up for different school-based organizations, join mentoring programs, get involved in the community, and choose wisely the organization where you’ll have your internship. And while you’re at it, most especially during your internship, put your best forward. These companies may eventually absorb you if your performance is outstanding.
5. Invest in personality development.
            It’s not all about schooling. While at school, find ways to build up your character- find a sports to develop your discipline, join an organization to enhance your confidence, and pursue a hobby to nurture your outlook in life. Live a balanced life while preparing for your career and everything will come easy

About the author:


The author has been a school counselor for years now, but she never saw that coming. She actually prepared for her career a day prior to her job interview. 

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