Trends in Technology – Improve Your Business in 2016

Any business mind would agree to tell you one thing: If you think that you could succeed in achieving your goals while turning your head away from technological tools, you are dead wrong. Each of these technological innovations is designed to improve productivity and workflow, enabling people to get their work finished more easily and […]

Keep Your Job Searching Techniques Updated All the Time

Keep Your Job Searching Techniques Updated All the Time The process of job search has changed a lot from the 1990’s. Now it’s not enough just to place your resume on job boards and wait for a successful result. Today you are required to use the Internet to advertise yourself and make necessary career connections. […]

Program Management jobs at Sapient

SKILL CAREER STAGE LOCATION Program Management Manager Gurgaon/Bangalore ·       Experience between 8 – 11 years                  ·       Java or .Net  Projects               ·       Hands on experience on Planning & Estimation, Stakeholder Management, Issue and Risk Management                             ·       Program Management Life Cycle                         ·       Experience on Pre-Sales Activity, Commercials Management, Team management                               ·        Send your resumes to  […]

Generic java jobs at sapient

SKILL CAREER STAGE LOCATION           Generic  JAVA SAL2 Gurgaon ·       Experience between 6-8 years                              ·       Hands on experience on JAVA, spring, hibernate, UML designs ·       J2EE – Application Servers, Java – ORM, Java – Spring Framework, Core Java, Java Web Services, Planning/ Execution & Tracking, Scoping and Estimating, Data Modeling, Logical Architecture Design, OOAD […]