August 11, 2020

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Trends in Technology – Improve Your Business in 2016

Any business mind would agree to tell you one thing: If you think that you could succeed in achieving your goals while turning your head away from technological tools, you are dead wrong. Each of these technological innovations is designed to improve productivity and workflow, enabling people to get their work finished more easily and accurately.
Increased competition for market share and constant innovation in the field of cloud-based software have made technological tools affordable and available to smaller businesses. With these tools at hand, even recently-born startups can perform on a global level. The number of solutions in certain areas is rapidly growing, so these are the several trends in business technology that will help to boost performance and generate growth for you small business.

Automation of Marketing
Before, small businesses had to possess a lot of marketing experience in order to drive success. With marketing automation software largely used today and still being developed and improved, the experience is not necessary anymore.
These tools also help small companies to avoid large fees related to using services of a good marketing agency. Business owners and marketers can specify their aims and handle the task involved by using some of these platforms. Funnel management, customer relationship management (CRM), delivering customized prospects to consumers at the right moment, and website optimization are handled more easily. All this reduces the weight off the chest of a business owner. All these processes can be handled by software solutions such as Elogua or HubSpot, which offer various kinds of plans (from basic to enterprise).

Digitalization of CRM
Customer relationship management systems offer a wide range of services that are set to enhance the customer experience. The key to survival of almost any business is customer communication, so creating and improving this kind of software is actually expected and more than welcome. CRM solutions offer all customer data to be gathered to a single location for handling the interactions much more efficiently. There are free CRM solutions, lower cost and simpler ones, and improved and complex CRM platforms. They allow companies to learn more about their target customers through comprehensive social media integration. The automated marketing software gets feedback information that improves the focus of your business goals.

New Methods Of Payment
Things are rapidly going digital and everything happens on the go. It started with the massive use of smartphones, on which we rely for time-keeping, information, entertainment, and business. Payments are the latest trend related to mobile devices. In 2016, you will be able to pay anything from restaurant bills and store purchases through apps like PayPal or Apple Pay. Google uses a method of allowing users to save card details to their Google account. The Google account then provides that information to merchants.

Video Content Management
The use of video content in the workplace is on the rise, and will increase with the software like access to how-to video feeds for service and remote diagnostic assistance for field tech. Businesses are integrating the video format with their communication system. The size and number of video files constantly grows, so one should need the ability to analyze usage analysis, optimized streaming based on access device, and search for specific content. VCMS (Video Content Management Systems) provide this capability.

Office Security Tech Improvement
Some people are after money, others after information, while some want both. Nowadays, a sign of equality often stands between these two entities. Innovations in office security systems, such as an ultrasonic detection system, smart doorbell, advanced intercom system, use of an access card for logical and physical access control, and pressure sensitive welcome mats are all there to offer a complete solution of advanced security.

The Ability To Work Anytime, Anywhere And On Any Device
The phrase ‘going to work’ has lost its meaning a bit, because work is not a place you go to anymore, especially for young people. People prioritize work mobility, social media freedom and device flexibility over salary. They are able to work from coffee shops, hotels, airports, and homes. Technology allows people to get the kind of flexibility they desire without compromising productivity – a trend that is already on the rise, and is predicted to continue in 2016.

Smart Inventory Management
Small businesses do not need to track inventory anymore. With new technological solutions, one can track and manage stock levels quite easily and quickly, without interrupting cash flow or reducing sales potentials. Inventory tools and add-ons can be integrated in various other types of software, such as those related to CRM or accounting tasks. Using this kind of software will improve the impact of limited budgets and reduce instances stock sitting around unaccounted.
These technological innovations and near-future trends show us that a business needs to be forward-thinking. Business owners have to embrace the future as it happens, pay attention to and take advantage of all technological means available for generating business growth.