August 11, 2020

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Many would have it believe that money is the only incentive and the best motivator for people, but this could not be further from the truth as it could be rated as the poorest of motivators. Though, in some cases it could be only a bonus to make people work harder and more efficiently. There are many other ways that could encourage people to work more diligently.
The Work Environment

Nobody likes to work in an environment that does not promote efficiency. But, creating a positive work environment will be a hard thing to achieve as there are many aspects to account for. Most importantly, you will have to look into what makes your workers happy, and how you can incorporate it. Listen to their ideas, and try to find a compromise where possible to ensure that both parties get what they want, after all, a happy worker will be a busy worker.
Read Through the Text
Finding out what is a good incentive is a tough job, and unless you learn how to pay attention to the little details that keeps your workers on their toes, it will be hard trying to figure out how to motivate your employees. Remember that not everyone likes the same things, and not all will be motivated the same way either, but, unless you ask it will be impossible to learn.
Show Appreciation
Even if your employees have accomplished a small feat, you should show your appreciation, either by giving a bonus, or by simply saying “good job”. The smallest of compliments can go a long way, and for some, it will be all that it takes to get better and to make their work more effect. However, this does not mean that you should just go around and praise everyone, make sure to give credit where it is due, but do not overdo it, as it could be too much for the business.
Encourage Individuality and Teamwork
There is no I in teamwork. Yet, creating a team is not possible without an individual, and unless you show your employees how to be good as both, you cannot expect great performance in return. After all, you are all part of a bigger team that will make sure that everything is done smoothly and without any hiccups. Just make sure that you do not enforce too much individuality as it could turn into an unhealthy competition between employees.
Make the Working Surrounding Pleasant
Unless your employees have an access to the facilities, and if they are freezing or boiling when the weather changes, it will be hard for them to work efficiently. Keep your restrooms working at peak condition, because even simple blocked drains could cause a headache for the whole department. In order to avoid any conflicts, it is best to have your pipes and plumbing checked regularly so that you know that everything works fine, and that if there is a problem, it could be handled immediately and without letting the problem escalate further.
Finding a motivational factor for all will take some time and investment, but, the end results will be great, and you will have an improvement in your work efficiency as well as becoming a better company. Remember to regularly survey your workers, so that you can learn how to make their environment better and that they do not become too docile in their work. After all, keeping your workforce happy is a mandatory investment for all businesses, unless you want unhappy customers of course who would end up taking their business elsewhere.