The Effects of New HR Technology on Employee Management

Technology plays the leading role in HR development since the 90’s. It caused HR field to go through 4 important phases, where the introduction of latest tech completely changed niche’s goals, objectives and work process. These phases are: 1.      Personnel administration (before 1990)- where main focus of HR experts was to create, collect and analyze […]

Providing Your Office with a Proper Amount of Security

Whatever your branch of business, we can assure you that security threats are more than present. Most entrepreneurs, however, are more than aware of this – what they don’t know, is how to tackle the office security needs. The threats, dreadful as they are, come from both the outside, as well as from within a […]

How to Choose a Career: Tips and Advice

Picking up a career can be one of the most significant life decisions you can make. Here are some tips and advice from experts to help you through. Choosing a career path can be one of the most difficult life-decisions you will have to make and at an early age as well. A few people, […]

Starting a home-based business: from registration to security

There are nearly one million people in Australia running a business from home. If you are planning to join these home-based entrepreneurs, ask yourself the following questions. Do you think your home is a suitable place for work? Can you do your business under local council regulations? What are your legal obligations? Will you be […]

Career Tips For College Students Which Can Lead To Success In The Professional Life!

After completing the graduation from college and entering into the workforce is an intimidating prospect.  A student has spent years trying to figure out what he/she actually wants to do and make it certain that one of your major dreams is to align with the dream job. The workforce nowadays is packed with competition. Also, […]

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Value of MBA Internships

Every MBA studentattendseducational institutions with the core objectives of getting knowledge and entering a financially stable and comparativelysmart professional career. However, some want to make their career by setting up their own business. In the past, attending and performing well in colleges or universities was enough to make sure that a student would achieve his/her […]