April 15, 2021


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So you are about to enter on the job market – congratulations! The road ahead of you is challenging and the first milestone to conquer is to put in writing all your amazing skills, courses, volunteer achievements and work experience. Oh, wait… you don’t have any work experience? No problem, we all have been there before, literary speaking!
I’m not trying to undermine the importance of having a relative work experience or any work experience for the fact, but here’s what you can begin with if you are a fresher trying to get your first job.
1. Tell more about your school
Instead of just mentioning its name and attendance years, you can talk more in detail about your academic performance, what you studied and how this will benefit the position you are applying for.
For sure there will be relevant subjects, practical things you achieved, types of essays you wrote that connect you and your potential employer. If people can sell their philosophy degree to anyone in business world, then you have very high chances of selling yours.
2. Volunteer experience counts
Doesn’t matter if it was your mom who made you go to the nursing home or your school teacher that came up with such project – put it all down in your resume!
Your main task at this point is to show your employer that you are not idle, but are able and eager to do what is expected from you. Don’t hesitate to showcase any social service you’ve ever done, but do it in a past result-oriented time:
       “Visited 15 nursing homes giving guitar concerts” or
       “Collected over 20 bags of clothes for 30 homeless people in my region”
3. Got a hobby? Leave it here
Your hobbies are examples of things you enjoy, thus show your best while doing it. Demonstrate your hobby as something you do regularly and develop yourself in. Put all your achievements, awards and commitments.
It’s one thing to be interested in dancing, and another if you “frequent ballet classes three times a week for the last three years and made it to finalists of four state competitions”.
4. Advertise your skills
There’s always a basic set of skills that a vacancy requires. Mix that with your personal skills that will diversify you from other applicants. You can divide the skills into something you are good at, something you enjoy doing, state your strength and what personal qualities you can contribute while working at the position you apply for.
5. Don’t neglect writing a motivation letter or summary
Even if it’s not required, take your time to write an inspirational and catchy cover letter that can be included as a text of the email, where you attach your CV. Here you can summarize your strong traits and highlight some shared points between you and the vacancy advertised.
6. Provide references
There’s a magic power of someone willing to bet their reputation on you. If you are really serious about pursuing this opening, ask your teacher or coach to give you a reference. In most cases this doubles your chances of being noticed and taken seriously.
Looking for employment can be stressful at any age and on any career stage, but recent surveys reveal some encouraging facts – 65% of American enterprises stated they will hire recent graduates this year. So using the tips we discussed above and bringing up your courage and personality will put your resume to the top of the file and get you started on an exciting career journey!
Did you like this article? Don’t hesitate to share with me what careers you are considering today and why!

Doris A. Palmer is a professional career counselor and writer atStudyscanner.com. She has spent over 7 years around real students and graduates while watching their careers develop and their personalities grow. She is now sharing her experience and learning new trends through live interaction with users.

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