Dos and Don’ts of a Job Interview

Job interview is one of the most important parts of your professional life. Many people are so scared of interviews that they consider it as a nightmare and that’s the reason they make so many mistakes while giving an interview for the job. Always keep in mind that you can never ever run away from […]

7 Habits that will Make You a C-level Employee Faster

People tend to work hard during their undergraduate and postgraduate programs so that they can come across exceptional career opportunities as soon as they step into the market. Through participation in extra-curricular activities, social work, head of the department of a student-run society and through management of immense workload on a regular basis, students tend […]

Checklist for Your Startup

So you have finally decided to start your own business. You are wondering where to start and thinking about the things you may need. Well, the best part is that taking off is the easy part; what follows is a long road, filled with many different obstacles. If you are persistent and have enough creativity […]

How to Throw a Memorable Startup Party

Running a business no longer requires suits, ties and formal manner of speaking – things are way looser and more open nowadays, thanks to the startups. You can rest assured that your PR or marketing team will advise you to host an event at some point and, you can also rest assured that they are […]

How to Spruce Yourself Up for the Second Interview?

So you’ve made it past the first interview and are thinking about celebrating right? Don’t place all of your chips in one basket. For all you know, the second interview is the real thing. And if you blow that, then all that celebrating will be in vain. Hold up the partying until the smoke clears. […]

Technology Trends in Business for 2017

 Technology has managed to seep into every pore of our daily lives and the business technology is booming! Sticking to the old ways and going analog is no longer an option – if you want to keep your business afloat, you’ll have to learn how to adjust. The 2016 business technology trends, however, are far […]