April 15, 2021


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How to Spruce Yourself Up for the Second Interview?

So you’ve made it past the first interview and are thinking about celebrating right? Don’t place all of your chips in one basket. For all you know, the second interview is the real thing. And if you blow that, then all that celebrating will be in vain. Hold up the partying until the smoke clears.
It’s okay to be nervous but don’t let that get you down.  Take this moment to prep yourself before your next interview and be the best you can be. It’s more than just putting on a good suit, and tidying up your hair, it is about how you can sell yourself to your employer and here’s how you can do that.
1.     Review What You Did From The First Interview
You may have passed your first interview but that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t look back into it. For instance, the way you answered the questions from the interviewer. Your delivery may have been a bit off and that’s something you can improve upon.
Maybe you forgot to mention some of your other accomplishments and skills. By reflecting on those holes from your first interview, you can include them in your next one.
2.     Respect
Even if someone else is doing your interview, it is crucial to treat each person with respect. This means you have to greet them with a warm smile, shake their hands firmly, and look them in the eye when they take your interview. This is a great way to remember who interviewed you and easier to send thank you notes at the end of it.
3.     Don’t Be Late
This is also something to keep in mind for the first interview, but it’s important to keep it in mind for all of them. Your second interview might not even be at the same place as the first one. So you must do a practice run of the location where you will have your next interview, keeping in mind the traffic and shorter routes of course. 
4.     Sell Yourself
This is where you have to establish yourself as a candidate who wants it bad. The company wants to know why they should even consider hiring you at all. How can you present yourself as an asset to the company? That is how you should answer the questions that will be revolving around that.
The technical parts of the interviews are often the toughest. At times, hiring managers can use a consultant or a senior staff to help out in this section. These are people who can get to the core of a candidate’s skills. You need to come prepared to tell stories about your past accomplishments.
Don’t be shy when you get to this part and when asked, elaborate on the projects and events that you are well-known for.
5.     Stay Prepped For Tricky Questions
This doesn’t happen all the time, but be prepared for the unexpected. The interviewers might ask this as an extra step to see if you stand out from the rest of the crop. They may ask you something that allows you to think out of the box or even ask about your age. Anything is possible.
6.     Do More Research
You may have been a bit short about the company in your first interview, so be sure that you do a little more digging around this time. Pull up the official website of your employer and learn all that you can. Check your connections on LinkedIn to see if there is someone you know who works for the company.
There is no better source of information than that from the inside.

Author Bio: Lauren Ebsary works as Sub-Editor for assignment writing @ assignmenthelpdeal.co.uk firm. She is a frequent blogger and writers on everything related to career planning and professional life. You can connect with her through her profiles on Google Plus, Facebook, and Twitter.

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