April 15, 2021


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Running a business no longer requires suits, ties and formal manner of speaking – things are way looser and more open nowadays, thanks to the startups. You can rest assured that your PR or marketing team will advise you to host an event at some point and, you can also rest assured that they are completely right to do so. In order to get your startup’s name out there, you are going to need to organize a fun event that will make everyone remember your name. Here’s how to host a memorable startup party!

The Purpose
So, start by defining your party’s goal. Do you want to show the market what you do? Do you want to raise the profile of your brand? Do you want to generate new leads? Or do you simply want to promote a new product?
These are all questions that should be on your mind. If you are looking to further promote your brand, your focus should be on having the right people attending your party. This means researching them thoroughly and finding out what they like.
On the other hand, if you are looking to simply show the world what you’re up to, hosting a no-entrance-fee event, with gift bags and the like is the smart way to go. Just make sure that you’ve displayed your brand name everywhere.
Find the Venue
Finding that perfect spot to host your party depends by-and-large on your event’s purpose. For example, if you are looking to impress a certain bunch of people, aim for prestige and expect a larger expense. If your party goal is promoting your brand, focus on cheap booze, a cheap place and aim at spending the majority of your finances on promoting your brand on products such as cups and other paraphernalia.
There are a lot of expensive venues that offer fantastic views, usually on top floors of tall buildings, so look for such places. If you are going cheap, focus on content to compensate for everything that a cheap venue lacks.
Of course, the very fact that you are hosting a startup party probably means that you aren’t operating on an unlimited budget. The most problematic thing here is the consumables, such as booze and food – you don’t want to be left with too many leftovers and you definitely don’t want to have to run to grab some more snacks and booze mid-party. Things such as RSVP confirmations, social media mentions and referral links will help you roughly assess the number of people that you can expect at your startup party. When it comes to amount of food and beverages – plan on doubling on everything that you think is enough for a single person, just to be safe – everything above this will probably be too much.
Depending on the season, your startup party spending in terms of booze will vary hugely – during wintertime, people won’t drink too much, but during summer, they will simply have to hydrate! If you are hosting a party during the warmest of seasons, opt for refrigerated truck rental – no one likes warm beer!
When it comes to winter, make sure that your guests remain warm – making tea for everyone isn’t really convenient on parties!
Final Touch
Finally, the two main points of your startup party should be: impress and promote. Stay focused on your guests’ needs and make sure you’ve gotten enough gift bags to get your name out there!
Your startup party should be fun, above everything else – not only for the attendees but also for yourself, as an organizer. Have fun, get introduced to new contacts and don’t spend too much time talking about business, unless this is the goal of your thoroughly-organized event!

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