October 21, 2021

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Job interview is one of the most important parts of your professional life. Many people are so scared of interviews that they consider it as a nightmare and that’s the reason they make so many mistakes while giving an interview for the job. Always keep in mind that you can never ever run away from interviews, you will have to face the HR people and professionals and scare them with your talent and skills to get a job. And Write my Dissertation also writes that, Interview is the step of the ladder that cannot be skipped at all and to reach your goal and get a successful profession interviews are must.
On the other hand there are some people who are over confident. Being confident is good but being over confident is not really a good idea. Many people lose their chance of getting hired in good firms because of the inappropriate attitude which sometimes do not match the professional environment.
Here you will get to know about all the dos and don’ts of a job interview so the over confident slot will get an idea as well as the scared ones who has a fear of interviews. Let’s start with the dos of a job interview:
·       Body language and gestures should be appropriate: your body language plays an important role in an interview. You should prepare yourself about this and practice it before walking in to an interview. Your posture should be straight and you should not look tired, make sure you sit in an appropriate manner don’t cross your legs and hands keep then straight. Use your hands while talking this makes you look confident and interactive.
·       Facial expressions should be pleasant: your facial expressions say everything. If you are nervous and scared your facial expressions will tell that. Make sure you keep an eye contact throughout it’s true that it gets uncomfortable if it’s a long one then you can look at their eyebrows instead to make yourself comfortable.
·       You should be confident: you have to prove yourself that you are confident enough to work with them. No matter if you are giving wrong answers but if you are confidently answering them and trying to justify them this will work perfectly.
·       Do prepare yourself: practice a lot for the interview. We all know some basic questions prepare yourself, plan everything what to say when and how. The first few seconds of an interview are very important. “Tell me about yourself” should be prepared perfectly and answered confidently.
·       Do show them your interest in the industry: let them know how much passionate you are about your career and this industry and show your interest in the work and the company, this will leave a good impression.
·       Do a research about the company: you must know everything about the company so that you don’t end up saying wrong things because you should know where you want to work and why.
·       Do ask questions: ask as many questions as possible but relevant ones. Ask about their team, their work their logo, website whatever but do ask to show your interest. Try to be interactive throughout the interview as this is the plus point.
These were the things that you should adapt for a job interview and making yourself mentally prepared for these will make your interview easy and fun. Now let’s talk about the don’ts of a job interview:
·       Don’t say bad things about your previous boss or the company: no matter how bad your relation was with your ex boss or the company never says bad things about your boss or the company. You have to be diplomatic and play smart.
·       Don’t ever lie in an interview: do not lie AT ALL! If you don’t know the answer tell them you don’t know the answer instead of telling a lie. Lies leave a very bad impression. You can always give a wrong answer confidently but telling a lie should not be an option at all.
·       Don’t show them that you are needy: don’t let the company know that you are dying to get this job, they should not know that you are needy and need this job even if you are. You should be confident enough to impress them and show them that you have other opportunities too but you will be glad if you will join this particular company.
·       Don’t ask about leaves: asking about the number of leaves you will get annually will leave a very bad impression, don’t ask this question ever as you will get to know this soon once you will join. Asking this question will make a negative image of yours in their minds.
·       Don’t try to be funny if you don’t have a good sense of humor: Over confidence of the candidate makes the interviewer think that your attitude is not appropriate for professional life or you can mess things up with your attitude. Be funny where there is a need keep your common sense and sense of humor along.
·       Don’t ask them the job description: never ask the interviewer that what this job is about? What will be my responsibilities? This is something you should know before applying that what post and position you are applying for. However, you can definitely ask which clients you will work on.
·       Don’t over dress: make sure your dressing is appropriate for an interview. Don’t over dress. Wear a nice formal dress. Make sure your hair and beard is neat and trimmed and yes do wear some good perfume. For girls do not wear jeans and do not wear lots of makeup. Very light make up should be worn so that you get a natural look also make sure you wear appropriate accessories.
Following these dos and don’ts will provide you Dissertation help you a lot in your interview and you will definitely get the job you just have to practice and prepare yourself. Good luck!

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