October 21, 2021

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Martha Graham once quoted: “The Body Never Lies.”
As true as it sounds, our body sometimes say more than our words. For hiring managers, the body language servesas an important clue to learn about the temperament of a candidate. Therefore, it is important that you stay wary of your body languageright from the moment you enter the interview room.
Here are some of the tips that would help you stay in control of your body while you are being interviewed:

1.      Greet Like A Gentleman

First things first.
When you enter the interview room, you will be expected to greet the interviewers. Considering that it is your first attempt to create the impression on the interviewer, you need to do it with warmth.You need to have a firm handshake while seeing in eyes of the interviewers. Keep a smile on your face to show that you are self-assured andconfident.

2.     Sit Properly

During an interview, the most crucial part is when you sit on the chair. It is when you sit that the interviewers begin to form some opinion about you. So if you sit with both your shoulders leaned forward while your head is tilted downwards, it shows you as a lazy and lethargic.
To create the right impression, you need to sit like an army man by keeping your back erectwhile keeping your headupright.

3.      Maintain A Firm Eye Contact

A firm eye contact suggests that you are self-confident and composed. Therefore, it is important to maintain eye contact with the interviewers through the interview. This sends the message that you are poised and confident as an individual.

4.      Be Wary Of Hand Gestures

Your hand gestures suggestdifferent meanings at different times. So you need to be particular about how you use thehand gestures when you are talking with the interviewers. Avoid pointing your fingers to the interviewers as it implies intimidation or warning. Similarly, you should keep away from using your hands to suggest anything that is considered a taboo.

5.      Nod Your Head

A nod ensures that you are attentive and alert. When you nod your head while responding to the questions of the interviewers, it adds weight to the conversation and makes a strong impact on the interviewers.Therefore, it is important to nod your head to keep yourself engaged with the conversation.

6.      Avoid Fidgeting During Interview

Fidgeting not only distracts the interviewers but it also irritates them after a time. This is why fidgeting is one of the biggest turn-offs for any interviewer.So if you are a restless person who cannot stay still for more than a second, you need to quit this habit before leaving for the interview.

7.      Use The Right Facial Expressions

Your facial expressionsgive hints about your state of mind. Avoid giving blank looks to the interviewer and rather keep giving smiles in between the conversation. Make sure that your facial expressions appropriate for the type of topic you are discussing with the interviewers.

8.     Stylize Your Walk

Your walk says something about your personality. The moment you enter the room, you send a signal to the interviewer with your style of walking. A firm walk towards the interview is what makes you come across as a confident person.
The aforementioned are some of the body language tips you can use to make the right impact in the interview room. Hope you’ll find them helpful for your next interview.

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Scarlett Erin is an HR Manager at Assignment Star. She has been serving in this profession since 2010. As a blogger, she is interested in writing articles on education and career topics. She also provides expert help to students by offering assignment service UK. On the weekend, she gives online consultation services to professional workers and fresh graduates. 

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