October 21, 2021

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How to get Successfully Interview

Preparation – first step

       Research the company before the interview to learn as much as possible.
       Train yourself by asking a friend or family member to ask you typical interview questions and respond to them as best you can.
       Prepare answers to possible questions and look at yourself in a mirror when you answer in order to examine your body language.
       Know the name of the person who will ask you questions.
       Write a few questions.
       Bring a copy of your CV, letters from people who can recommend you, or relevant certificates, as well as a white paper and a pen.
       Arrive a few minutes in advance. Prepare your journey so as not to get out of breath and stressed.

During the interview – testing

       Greet the employer or the person running the interview with good humor and politeness, shaking hands with him.
       Do not sit until the person sits down or invites you to do so.
       Show yourself enthusiastic and interested, and pay attention to what the person says.
       Do not smoke or chew gum.
       Be calm, confident and confident and do not forget to smile!
       Answer questions honestly and briefly.
       Dress in a clean and neat way.
       Be prepared to talk about your skills and interests, to the extent that they are related to the requirements of the position.
       Emphasize your qualities and your possibilities.
       Think about it before answering it – it’s okay to take the time to organize your thoughts before giving an answer.
       It is important to observe the look and body language of the person conducting the interview to determine whether she understands your answer, whether she wants you to continue speaking, or whether she wants you to stop.
       Be prepared to talk about your strengths and weaknesses.
       Talk clearly and distinctly – if you tend to be nervous, talk fast and breathless, breathe deeply and slow down.
       Ask appropriate questions that have not already been answered and be brief.
       Thank the person for the time spent with you.
After the interview – the last effort
       After the interview, if the employer promised to call you before a certain date and did not, call him or her.
       Send a letter to the employer to thank him for the interview.
       If you are not hired, try to see if you could meet the employer to discuss the positive and negative aspects of your interview.
Lessons from the interview …
At the very end, take time to reflect on what happened. Did you succeed? Are there ways you can improve? Use the following list to evaluate yourself:
       I was well prepared – I knew enough about the post and the company.
       I showed how much my skills and experience fit the job.
       I have spoken neither too much nor too little.
       I was relaxed and confident.
       I arrived on time.
       I was dressed appropriately.
       I looked at the employer in the eye.
       I stood straight, with my hands on my knees.
       I handed in my letters of recommendation.
       I was enthusiastic.
       I shook the person’s hand at the beginning and at the end of the interview.
       I arranged to call back a few days later.
If you are the chosen candidate …
Here are some tips for your first day of work:
       Arrive on time.
       Dress appropriately, depending on the type of work.
       Do not smoke in the workplace before checking if this is allowed.
       Learn about dinner times and where to go; Do not exceed the allowed time.
       Ask questions and make sure you understand what is expected of you.
       Ask who your supervisor is.
       Ask who you should call if you can not come to work.
       Do not forget to give your social insurance number to your employer. He can not pay you without this number.
       Ask what are your hours of work and what is the sick leave policy.
       Listen carefully.
       Ask where you can put your lunch and personal belongings.
If your application has not been accepted …
Do not be discouraged if you are not hired. That does not mean you’re bad. It is not easy to be the right person at the right time: it takes practice, preparation and also luck. Take this as an opportunity to learn. Check your list to see what went right and what you need to improve. Each interview allows you to learn a little more. Do not forget that it is by doing things that you are perfect.

Text was written by Carol Clifford, the Head of StudyScanner Writing Service (https://studyscanner.com/)  

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