October 21, 2021

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Things not to say in an interview

It is not easy to give a job interview especially when you are desperate for the job. It is also not easy to keep your mind focused on the questions of the interviewer because you know you are not getting judged only on your knowledge, your dressing, body language and confidence is also getting judged. In such intense environment, it is difficult to keep calm and composed that is why many applicants unintentionally say some things which are not acceptable in the job interview and cost them their jobs.
If you are going to give an interview and want to know what lines you cannot afford to say in the interview, then read the next lines and make your mind not to say it in an interview.
Tell me about your business:
You went into their office to get interviewed not to take interview so never ask anything about their business except the things that would affect your job. For example, if you are going to give an interview in an academic writing company and you start writing about their services like assignment service UK and essay writing, the interviewer would give you the answer of this but will take it as a negative thing. Every interviewer expects from the applicant to do some research before stepping into the interview room about the company and its services or product.
My last company was worst:
The moment you say something bad about your last employer, the interviewer will start making assumptions about you. Regardless of showing your skills and knowledge of the work, the interviewer also wants to see the level of commitment with the company. They like to hear about the stories of your romance with your work instead of doing badmouth for the former employer. If the interviewer asks about your last job, keep your tone in between neutral and positive and only state what positive you have got from there and what you are expecting now from this company.
It is written on my CV:
When the interviewer asks something from, reply it verbally instead of asking them to refer from CV for that question. The interviewer knows that the answer to the question that he asked is in the resume. However, he wants to know more than the written word. Another reason for asking it from you could be your interpersonal skills. The interviewer may want to test your communication skills that are why he is asking this question from you.
I am perfect:
Don’t be a kid and do not use such cliché dialogues. You are now dealing with the professionals who are hired to take interviews of the people. Instead of saying this childish line, try to come out of some professional word that can fulfil the purpose of asking the question about your weakness requirement.
How much vacation time do I get?
You are called to get hired not to find your comfort. The interviewer is expecting from you to show your skills and knowledge regarding work. Not to ask the questions which can build an image that you have a non-serious attitude towards work.
Author Bio:

Mark Austin is a Master in Educational Sciences from Bradford University and providing assignment assistance to the students who are in need.

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