October 21, 2021

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Some Basic Interview Questions for Freshers

First job interview fares quite high in the professional lives of a fresh college graduate. It is a stepping stone for them into practical life. Mostly, they are quite apprehensive about the questions they’ll be asked by the interviewer and have no clue what kind of answers are best to give that may impress the employers and showcase their knowledge and acumen in their related field.
Most of the time the questions are of quite basic nature and they are asked from the fresher no matter which field they belong to. These basic enquiries are more related to the personality of the interviewee rather than the field he’s applying for. Here, in this blog post we are going to discuss some of these basic questions that can be asked and the most appropriate ways to tackle them.
This is the most likely asked question and is asked to start the conversation basically. It is to generally know about whom you are regardless of which field you belong to. Employers try to assess your personality and your self-assurance through this basic question. You can start by telling them about your education, some information about your family, professions of your father and mother, number of siblings you have and your hobbies to start with. This kind of information provides an insight about interviewee’s personal life to the employers.
This question is directed toward the fresher’s to gauge their enthusiasm for the field they are applying for. Now, most of the students who steps into professional life know what they want and what their calling is. But let’s be honest not everyone is that sure about the direction he wants to follow professionally. So, this question may be a little troublesome for them. But even if you lack passion for the job you should have an answer to this question. You can always prepare a good answer by knowing the basics of the field. At least, to the employers your passion should be evident in your answer. 
This is a trick question and you have to tread very carefully as this could prove to be very dangerous grounds. Mostly employers want to know whether you just randomly picked the company or just applied because there was an opening. Your answer should never be afore mentioned reasons. You shouldn’t start praising the company relentlessly either as it would look too vulgar and would be considered an attempt at buttering up your way into the company. Rather, your response should be addressing general aspiration of yours. You could tell them things like the companies you were willing to work for should have same values as yours, etc. This could generalize your response without sounding too contrived.
This is another basic question asked quite a lot from the fresher’s. The employers are looking for the best candidate for the said position and through this question; they are assessing your standing in the job market. So it is quite imperative that your answer encompass your key strengths comprehensively. This question should be answered with great care as this could prove, make or break point in your virgin job interview. You should know your strength inside out. You can talk about your positive nature or can relate to any project in your college life in which you had input, showcased you as a team member. Depending upon the interview, you can change them. Just point out your strength without sounding boastful or arrogant.
Never leap too far ahead into future as far as your goals are concerned while answering this particular question. Always state your short term goals. If you actually have any plan, state it with reasons. If not, then keep your answer generic. You can state your answer in line with professional growth with the company with long term ambitions of getting a responsible position to make significant contribution to the growth of both yourself and the company. Whatever answer you choose it should be delivered with conviction. This will impress the employers about your passion and you have a better shot at getting the job.
These are some of the questions that are mostly asked by the employers and fresher’s can respond to them in a better way if they follow these guidelines and be positive in their attitude.

AUTHOR’S BIO: Harold Brookes is a motivational speaker and Masters in Psychology. He regularly contributes valuable articles for Pay for Essay Writing and is quite passionate about social work. He is an ardent music lover.

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