July 6, 2020


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Money making ideas are countless but you have to select the best one. We have discussed some money making ideas with reference sites where you can get the legitimate help. This post is the continuation of previous one and we will go through some more effective and easy to apply money making ideas.


Money Making From Your Apartment

It is very common method that you offer your apartment for rent and get the revenue in return. Most of the people might not aware of the method of renting your apartment for money making purpose. Therefore I have a good website for your reference, just free sign and register your apartment there. The site owners will deduct only 3% if someone rent your place. Here is the website:
·       AirBnB.com
·       Start a Side Biz
·       Create your own blog website, use WP template
It requires your level of expertise in a specific field. If you have ability for calligraphy or design cute graphics just open up an online shop and use your skills for money making. Here are two best sites on which you can start your online store easily.
·       Etsy.com
·       Storenvy.com
It is free to set up and Etsy charges only 3.5% of your profits, while you get to keep all your income on Storenvy. Do try it.

Go Shopping

I am sure that you didn’t hear it before that you can use your shopping trip for money making idea. There are some good applications which give you small assignments like:
·       Taking a picture of a box of cereal at the grocery store
·       Checking the price of gas when you’re filling up
·       Completing a short survey
You only make a few bucks per “assignment” but it just takes a couple of minutes. The apps are given below:
·       EasyShift
·       FieldAgent
·       WeReward

Money Making by Teaching Online

It is very good money making idea and if you have some experience in teaching or practical training must go for it. There are few websites which offers you the best platform for this money making idea. Join these and start money making from zero. Check these sites;
·       Tutor.com
·       Care.com
·       Brand Ambassador
·       Writer paper
Money making needs your will and wish to perform minor assignments as well. It is advised that start from zero and have an ambition to get your desired level. Become a part-time brand ambassador, doing things like handing out free samples or advertising material, modeling, or working promotional events. Find more at www.streetteampromotion.com


This is a small list of money making ideas and if you apply only one or two out of these, the success will be yours. It is a human psyche that if he has four or five money making options to apply, he will go for all of them. This is not good because if you failed in one, you become de-motivated and your efforts remains less than half for the next money making option.