June 19, 2021

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Twitter – Top 6 Tips on How to use for Career Search



Career search can be made through many ways like social media, forums and many other ways. Social media play an important role in career search but only if you know how to use it properly. Many People use Twitter for sharing personal photos, posts, highlights of their days and jokes all the time. But you can use Twitter to land your dream career! Twitter enables users to share content and connect with others around the world in 140 characters.

Twitter is great platform between career seekers and managers. A career seeker can tweet a company to see if they need an employee, or a company can post new listings to raise the quantity of applications. Below are the top six ways to use Twitter to build your dream career and launch your personal brand as well.

Top 6 Tips to Use Twitter for Career Search Twitter Top 6 Tips for Career Search

 1. Twitter Profile-Upload a Decent Photograph
‘First impression is the last impression. Follow this famous saying and never ever left your Twitter profile picture spot empty or just default egg shape. People hate this egg shape and left twitter account without visiting. It is also advised to refresh your twitter profile picture frequently so that your followers believe that you are not scam and a real person.
2. Twitter Profile-Use Real Name
It is preferred to use your real name for your twitter account if you can. If not, use something that is professional and correlated to what you are going for. You can use your website or brand name for your twitter account to avoid any scam.
3. Twitter Bio-Use Keywords
Search Engine Optimization enable your content to be indexed by search engines quickly. When you write your bio on twitter, use your targeted keywords to express your skills for your desired area of interest in career search. Keep in mind, the terms you include in your twitter bio, are searchable via Twitter search. It will also help your twitter profile show higher in Google search results. Twitter also permits you to list a URL in your bio, so include a link to your personal website or LinkedIn profile. Feel free to make any of your keywords in your bio a ‘hashtag’ and use ‘Hashtags’ to refine your career search. It will make it easy for people to search your keywords from your twitter bio.
4. Twitter Tweets-Short and Sweet
On twitter you only have 140 characters to express yourself. It is suggested that use only 110 to 120 characters, so if people retweet your content they can add “RT @yourname” and their own hashtag or comment. It is also important to note that long URLs looks awkward on twitter, so make sure to shorten your URLs. You can use bit.ly or tinyurl.com to shorten your URLs and make your tweets short and sweet.
5.  Twitter Tweets-Add Value to Your Content
Yes it is a trick you attract your audience on twitter. Valuable content including news, reviews and funny items will give you targeted visitors. You have to pay attention to what your viewers likes and post more content of their interest. Share original authors or sources of information when sharing content on twitter.
twitter Utilize Lists Twitter Top 6 Tips for Career Search
6. Utilize Lists
Remember You have visitors of various thinking on your twitter account, so create lists to organize the users you follow into categories or Social Media Folks. Subscribe to other users’ lists to stay updated on the types of followers that interest you.
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