June 19, 2021

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Being a fresh graduate, getting a job pertaining to the field one has studied seems impossible. There are a number of fresh graduates in the market out on a job hunt. The fact is that there will be more of post-graduates looking for a better opportunity and hence the chances of one being selected over the other are inevitable. There is a high probability that a person may end up getting an operational job even though if he/she is a finance graduate or one may end up being a sales person whereas all he wished was a job in branding and advertisement department of a big multi-national. Nevertheless, whether desired or undesired, a person do gets a job. First job is the foundation of one’s career and it is upon the individual how strong he makes that foundation.
Firstly, a person should make himself through the workplace by getting flexible in the new environment. Being a fresh graduate, first job is always tough. Newly –employed individuals are also under management’s eye. Hence one should:
1.   Be Punctual:  One should always make sure that he/she reached workplace on time. No matter how educated a person is or how diverse his experience is; if he is not punctual, he will not be considered as a responsible employee.
2.       Time Management: It is one of the most important factors that one should consider. In bigger organization, employee’s job descriptions are more specific. But in a smaller firm, one should be prepared to even pull off small tasks. In such circumstances, it is very important for an individual to manage his task effectively and efficiently as failing to do so may get him in trouble.
3.       Be Confident: One should be confident for all the matters of oneself and be ready to take up challenges that come in his way. From a petty issue of trivial significance to matter that comes up to managerial level, one must not hesitate to take up on any task assigned to him by immediate supervisor or manager.
4.       Be Polite: Individuals may be surrounded by a lot of problematic colleagues who may try to disregard their effort or belittle them so that they do get ahead in professional matters.
5.       Set Goals: One should always set goals for his short-run and longer-run. It should be the individual’s own source of measuring his performance.
6.       Improvise: Despite keeping up with the values and standards of the company, one must not be hesitant to work for improvement of the company. Individual may bring up new ideas, make efforts to generate the best result possible, work along with the team and make way for improvement.
7.       Give Time: One must always give time to his first job or new job that comes his way. It is not advisable that a person gets one job and switch to another one as he receives a better opportunity. Changing job is essential for one’s career but never switching job every 7-8 months does not demonstrate a good impression in one’s Curriculum Vitae.
Thus, it can be conclusively said that first job is a very important step for one to embrace his career. Following the steps mentioned above, one can easily his first job and look forward to bright opportunities in future.
Author Bio:
The writer of this article is a Business Graduate, Sports Enthusiast, and Financial Analyst by profession working in the best Investor Immigration Company in Karachi.



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