June 19, 2021

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How to answer 12 of the toughest job interview questions



The interview may be the last phase of recruitment but is the most important one. It is the final step in your quest to land your most coveted job and therefore, must be steady and solid. The obstacle in your path are the questions and you must deal with them appropriately. Your most important tool is self-awareness and confidence in yourself.
Interviewers usually ask questions that don’t have an assigned correct answer. It all depends on how you portray yourself and handle the pressure and showcase your decision-making abilities. Read more to know how to ace questions to achieve your preferred job position!
Check below How to answer 12 toughest job interview questions:


1)    Tell us something about yourself apart from your resume:
This question is usually asked to check the communication skill and self-awareness of the interviewee. You should be well prepared to speak about your achievements, interests and passion.
Tip: Focus on your strengths. Apart from academics, incorporate the achievements and your motivations in life.
Answer: I have done many social events like “Open mics”, fundraisers for NGOs and I was the ambassador of the “Robin Hood Army’’. I have participated in many debate competitions and won two Inter college and District Level competitions. I am fond of writing articles on my blog. All these activities motivate me and have given me a different perspective to experience life.Open mics have enhanced my communication skills and helped me overcome my stage fear. Volunteering at NGOs XYZ and ABC I came to know the importance of CSR in corporates. My life has sharpened me to be an individual who can now look life in the eye when it looks at me.
2)    Can you tell me why you want to leave your current company?
This question checks the stability of a candidate. It helps to check how do they describe their employer. It shows the outlook a person has towards his/her own choices and priorities of life.
Tip: You can start with your experiences at your current company and why a new challenge is something that would drive your career forward.
Answer: In my current company I have learned a lot about technical skills but in order to grow and survive in the competitive market I want to learn management skills as well. For that, I need a challenging environment where I can improve and enhance my overall skills.
3)    Why we should consider you among others?
This question is asked to figure out your capabilities to see how the company can utilise them for the best. They just want to see your competitive spirit and how good you are on presenting your.
Tip: Try to a summary of your abilities and try to connect them to the requirement of the company.
Answer: You can consider me because this is the best platform for me to showcase my creative thinking along with my analytical dexterity. I think project completion within the stipulated time period is essential. I am flexible to strengthen the yield of the company.
4)    After 5 or 10 years where you see yourself?
This question determines how focused you are on your career. It also helps the interviewer figure your future with the company.
Tip: Don’t say vague answer because this conveys a message that you have low value for this job. Try to structure your career plan in front of the interviewer briefly.
Answer: I am planning to learn and understand the market and want to invest my energy in understanding the entire product lifecycle in the next 5 to 7 years. After that I see myself heading a product development project.
5)    What is your salary expectation?
This is asked to gauge your expectation and weigh that with respect to your worth to the company.
Tip: In this situation, be realistic and try to do research about the company salary scale and connect to the people working in similar roles. You can also check in many authenticated web-sites for the salary reviews as well. It is safe to ask for a 30% jump at the least.
Answer: I am looking at CTC of 8 lakhs per annum. My current CTC is 5 lakhs and I am due a promotion at the end of this quarter.
6)    You see yourself as a leader or follower?
This question is asked to determine your work style, team work abilities and self-management skill. The interviewer usually asks this to know how you tackle different situations.
Tip: Never try to stick to one style of working but on the flexibility, you offer.
Answer: Over the year, I have held many positions of responsibilities which required strong leadership skills. I have been a part of many teams as well. Being leader or follower depends on the situations but I believe I posses both the qualities and can mould myself according to the requirement of the company and role.
7)     Tell me about an accomplishment that you are most proud of?
By asking this, the interviewer is trying to not only access your potential but also checking how self-aware are you.
Tip: Make sure you give context and highlight the reason behind your choice.
Answer: I have earned many awards and appreciation but the best accomplishment that made me proud is when I won the “Inter-university Hackathon Challenge”, because the success reflected the immense amount of hard work and effort I put in to learn and master programming skills which I only had rudimentary knowledge of.
8)     What was your biggest failure?
Interviewers are well aware that every interviewee tries to highlight their positive aspects. By asking this question the interviewer wants to know your low phases and how you handled such times.
Tip:  Now, in this competitive market you have to prepare yourself to portray the best you have even if the question is about failures. You can show that you stayed optimistic even when you failed but learnt how to overcome the situation and you are capable enough to mould your life accordingly.
Answer: I believe my biggest failure was when my team was not able to meet the target, that was a tough situation. We were just a mile away but things were not in our favour. Being the team leader, I highlighted the positives to everyone and yes of course where we failed to put extra effort. But this failure taught me a lot and in future we made sure we reach our target achievement and project completion.
9)      How do you handle difficult situations?
This is usually asked to determine your stress management and ability to work under pressure. It helps the interviewer understand if you can step up when it counts.
Tip: Showcase your ability to remain calm and not lose your focus when you are put in an alien situation or under extreme pressure.
Answer: If there is a difficult situation, the first thing I do it to make sure that I mitigate the immediate negative repercussions of the situation. Once that is done, I start analysing and finding the root cause so that I can figure out a solution to make amends. Difficult situations come with their share of pressure, but I am fortunate to say that pressure does not impale me but improves my performance instead. The best way is to figure out what went wrong, come up with ideas to improve the situation and make sure such a disaster does not occur in the future.
10)            If you are asked to fire someone then how you will do it?
This question is asked to test your emotional intelligence and as well as your soft skills. It will also check your situational understanding and ability to take tough calls.
Tip: Explain how you will try to maintain your tone as sympathetic yet firm. Mention that you prefer to follow the company policy in such a case.
Answer:  Firstly, I will go through the company procedure regarding dismissals. I will speak to the concerned person and provide a solid reason behind the decision. I will appreciate their positive contributions for the company but will also show them negatives points which eventually led to this decision and why it is irreversible. I will forward the decision with reasons to the HR manager.
11)            What questions have I not asked you?
This question checks your creativity to come up with innovative questions that interviewer might be interested to ask It determines your presence of mind and alertness throughout the interview session.
Tip: This is considered as the best question to impress the interviewer. For better communication, prepare yourself for this before the interview session and try to come up with different questions.
Answer: Mention only those question for which you are prepared well and interviewer haven’t asked from you.
·        If you had a chance to meet someone from history who would it be and why?
·        If you could ask three questions to your mentor, what would those be?
12)  Tell me why we shouldn’t hire you?
Most interview questions are about personality and many interviews are all about positive contributions, but this question is asked to know if you know yourself in terms of weaknesses. Interviewers are keen to know how you explain and measure yourself if a situation is against you.
Tip:  Answering this question needs self-introspection. Try to answer the question showcasing the positives in you even when a situation in not in your favour. Show you are eager to learn and overcome the flaws you have.
Answer: My background is technical but my job experience is in management as well. I see myself as a learner, but if you consider only management degree for this job then this can be considered as a loop hole for me to grab this opportunity.
Career development is a continuous process and for the better success story all you need to focus on career development on every step of life. Before any regrets for not trying the best, you can do for yourself. Career development is the key to unlock the improvement phase for yourself and after getting pro at the career development will help to face the toughest questions of job interview at ease.
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Abhyank Srinet holds a Masters in Management degree from ESCP Europe & has an engineering degree with a specialization in Instrumentation & Control. His interest in the digital landscape motivated him to create an online start up for Masters in Management application consulting (MiM-Essay), focused on spreading quality information about the MiM degree & performing application consulting services for clients. He is the chief consultant of the company and takes care of Business Development and Digital Marketing side of the company. He is very passionate about writing and marketing. 

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