June 19, 2021

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What are the career advices in a different industry?



Many of us will go through at least one career change in lifeHowever, sometimes career change is by choice. For example, you are urged by the discovery of your new dreams or the desire for bigger challenges. Oftentimes, particularly during the period of economic upheaval, just like the effect of Covid-19, career changes are inevitable. However, industry changes may result in a lack of jobs, too much competition...etc.

But, it is alrightIf you are still feeling the thirst to broaden your horizons, to challenge yourself, or to try something different, maybe it is about time to consider where you can apply your existing skillset to a brand new role or even a completely new industry. 

So, here are some advices in three different industries that can definitely help you navigate the career change process successfully and also land a job in your new field. 

Field #1: Finance 

  • A career in financial planning requires skills like math and accounting. 
  • ‘’Analytical thinking’’ means that you can look at a situation accurately, understand how it works, interpret what it means, and then come up with a thoughtful yet intelligent response. You will also need data analysis, financial analysis as well as problem-solving skills. 
  • You can join trade groups, such as the Financial Planning Association. It will be a great way to network and also find jobs. 
  • Think about what kind of company you’d like to work for. A big corporation or a small businessAnd what kind of clients you’d like to engage with? 
  • The finance industry can be both financially rewarding and personally satisfying since you get to spend your time helping people in certain positionsSo, written and verbal communication skills will be important. 

Field #2: E-commerce 

There are a variety of products can be sold online. These digital products can include mens bead bracelet, watch, or even e-books, online courses, software…etc. However, no matter which e-commerce you’d like to join, the following skills are required. So, let’s dive into what do you need? 

  • Organization skills: You need to know how to organize a huge amount of information that can make it accessible across all departments. 
  • A growth marketing mindset: Marketing is the indispensability for e-commerce. You will need to have a deep understanding of digital marketing. For instance, you have to focus on SEO to rank higher in search results. 
  • Testing skills: You will have to keep testing again and again. The key to testing successfully is to take risks, try new things, fail a lot to learn what doesn’t work, and keep the things that do. 
  • A drive to make customers’ life better: In the online marketplace, you need to be innovative and creative. It starts with the basics. Your website has to be simple to navigate, fast, and easy on the eye. Targeting the market specifically will help you find your niche, improve customer retention, and get the brand-loyalty ball rolling! 

Field #3: Education 

  • Join professional groups for educators on social media platforms like LinkedIn and Facebook. 
  • Take a look at your skills and see what you can teach, such as Math, English, art…etc. 
  • Without enough teaching experience to talk about at the interviews, you will need to impress the interviewers with your positive attitude and your portfolio. 

Although changing different fields may be terrifying, it can be exciting as well. So, if you are considering making some changes, why not take your first step today?

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