October 21, 2021

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How to Write Your First Resume?



Writing your first resume after college is pretty daunting. On the one hand, it takes writing skills that you have probably developed while writing countless academic papers. Yet, effective resume writing is more complex than that. You need to understand how to structure the document, how to insert relevant keywords and how to address the fact you don’t have any experience so far.

If you lack resume writing skills, keep in mind that an online custom essay writing agency, such as https://shinyessays.com/ company, can offer a professional resume writing service. In addition to providing college assignment help, academic paper companies often assist students with the creation of their first resume and give valuable advice.

Write a resume for the first time: 7 tips

Use the correct structure for your resume

A graduate’s resume needs to be structured as follows: your name and contact info, career summary, education, professional experience (paid or unpaid). You can add the extra sections for skills, languages, voluntary work and more, but be sure you’ve provided the prospective employers with the basics. Otherwise, your resume won’t be considered!

Write a strong summary statement

A resume summary is the place to show off your biggest achievements and also explain what kind of opportunity you’re seeking. If you don’t have work experience, brag some academic accomplishments, extracurricular activities and accomplishments, or skills. Point out what role you’d like to get and what skills you’d like to contribute to the team if hired.

Be detailed about your education

Since you don’t have paid experience, education is your biggest asset. Write your GPA (if high), thesis title, and relevant coursework. If you won any academic or athletic awards, be sure to mention this information as well. Your goal here is to persuade the employers that despite the lack of experience you are perfectly trained to excel in the position you’re seeking.

List internships, part-time and voluntary jobs

Graduates who don’t have paid experience should focus on unpaid work they’ve done. For instance, if you had a summer internship, include it on your resume and describe it as if you were describing a full-time job. Focus on relevant experience in the first place, but if you don’t have it yet, even part-time jobs such as waiting tables or being a receptionist can give your resume a head start.

Mention your skills and competencies

Skills in the job posting are often keywords, so including a list of skills will help your resume pass the ATS. Of course, including essay paper writing as a skill won’t be of many services for an employer, but listing organizational skills, time-management and adaptability is helpful. Communication, customer service and active listening are other examples of skills you can use on a student resume.

Keep it to one page

Being concise is the key to getting noticed. Since you don’t have many jobs and competencies to brag about, adding the second page makes little sense. One page is sufficient for a graduate to list academic activities and accomplishments and tell about jobs, both paid and unpaid. And being concise will save the hiring manager’s time.

Ask for help

If you feel that the writing process gets overwhelming, it makes sense to seek the help of professional resume writers. One of the best places offering resume services for cheap is any paper company that offers assignment writing from native English writers. in addition to providing online essays help, an expert writer can assist with building a persuasive resume. They can recommend what to include and what to leave out, how to organize the document and how to format it best so that it catches the hiring manager’s attention.

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