5 Things you Should Never Write in Your CV

If you are looking for a good job then obviously a professional resume is the key for job search. It highlights your skills, work history, past experiences, accomplishments and qualification. Human resource professionals then decide whether a person is qualified or capable for this job or not. Do you know? People often make some major […]

Marketing Gold | A new data mining system yields rich stores of customer information.

Strong customer relationships are vital in the competitive telecommunications industry because customers are notoriously fickle. That’s why we are consider customer support and marketing programs to be of high strategic importance. The company’s Global Markets Group in Dallas relies on database marketing and customer relationship management (CRM) systems. In fact, the data warehouse and front-end […]

3 top tips for finding a good job after graduation

Finishing a university is a crucial step in the life of young people. They’ve already given much of their time, energy, and money to get their education. They are ready to meet the day of graduation and at the same time they are worried. One of the most difficult tasks is to complete. They need […]


The word ‘money making’ is the one everyone likes it and work dawn to dusk to fulfill its requirements. Money making is quite easy for some people but very tough for most of the community members. Today I will share the best and easy money making methods that are very effective and easy to apply. […]

How to answer 12 of the toughest job interview questions

The interview may be the last phase of recruitment but is the most important one. It is the final step in your quest to land your most coveted job and therefore, must be steady and solid. The obstacle in your path are the questions and you must deal with them appropriately. Your most important tool […]

Tips to Make Yourself through your First Job

Being a fresh graduate, getting a job pertaining to the field one has studied seems impossible. There are a number of fresh graduates in the market out on a job hunt. The fact is that there will be more of post-graduates looking for a better opportunity and hence the chances of one being selected over […]

The Importance of Showing Confidence in Your Job Interview

Maintaining confidence during a job interview can be a daunting task. Becoming overwhelmed with nervousness can give the wrong impression to your interviewer, so it is essential that you exude confidence. Dressing well and researching the company are important keys to a successful interview, but the moment you sit down in the chair, across from […]

How a Leadership Development Program Can Influence Your Workplace

Leadership is a value that only a few possess. There are some people who are natural born-leaders, combined with charisma and an ability to mobilize people. Then there are those who want to be leaders. But even with this difference, it does not mean that only those who are gifted with leadership skills can be […]

Twitter – Top 6 Tips on How to use for Career Search

Career search can be made through many ways like social media, forums and many other ways. Social media play an important role in career search but only if you know how to use it properly. Many People use Twitter for sharing personal photos, posts, highlights of their days and jokes all the time. But you […]

Freshers and Experienced openings for HDFC bank , Relationship Manager | Mass recruitment | All over India

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