How to answer 12 of the toughest job interview questions

The interview may be the last phase of recruitment but is the most important one. It is the final step in your quest to land your most coveted job and therefore, must be steady and solid. The obstacle in your path are the questions and you must deal with them appropriately. Your most important tool […]

How to Answer Questions About Family at Interview

Have you ever come across personal questions at a job interview? If you’ve answered “yes”, you are certainly not alone. A lot of candidates often struggle to find a proper answer when it comes to their family and personal life. It’s not surprising since such questions often infringe upon your privacy and may well undermine […]

Some Basic Interview Questions for Freshers

First job interview fares quite high in the professional lives of a fresh college graduate. It is a stepping stone for them into practical life. Mostly, they are quite apprehensive about the questions they’ll be asked by the interviewer and have no clue what kind of answers are best to give that may impress the […]

8 Body Language Tips To Shine Out As A Candidate For a Job Interview!

Martha Graham once quoted: “The Body Never Lies.” As true as it sounds, our body sometimes say more than our words. For hiring managers, the body language servesas an important clue to learn about the temperament of a candidate. Therefore, it is important that you stay wary of your body languageright from the moment you […]

Dos and Don’ts of a Job Interview

Job interview is one of the most important parts of your professional life. Many people are so scared of interviews that they consider it as a nightmare and that’s the reason they make so many mistakes while giving an interview for the job. Always keep in mind that you can never ever run away from […]