5 Things you Should Never Write in Your CV

If you are looking for a good job then obviously a professional resume is the key for job search. It highlights your skills, work history, past experiences, accomplishments and qualification. Human resource professionals then decide whether a person is qualified or capable for this job or not. Do you know? People often make some major […]

How to get Successfully Interview

Preparation – first step •       Research the company before the interview to learn as much as possible. •       Train yourself by asking a friend or family member to ask you typical interview questions and respond to them as best you can. •       Prepare answers to possible questions and look at yourself in a mirror when […]

7 Expert Tips To Create A Killer LinkedIn Profile!

No matter what job you’re doing or even if you’re unemployed searching for the right job, LinkedIn is your quickest route to a successful career. What you need to do is create a professional looking profile on this platform and you can increase your chances of getting the attention of the employers at the right […]

How to Script Your Resume if You Have no Work Experience

So you are about to enter on the job market – congratulations! The road ahead of you is challenging and the first milestone to conquer is to put in writing all your amazing skills, courses, volunteer achievements and work experience. Oh, wait… you don’t have any work experience? No problem, we all have been there […]