6 Reasons Why You Should Hire Through a Recruitment Agency

Staffing companies can play a huge role in helping you find talent for your business. This strategy is constantly becoming more and more popular and all the big companies use it in order to find the right employees. Of course, hiring through a recruitment agency is a great option for companies of any size. But […]

5 Challenges for Startups

We live in a Startup Era. Everywhere we look, we see influencers and startup gurus talking about their successful projects and how easy it is to run a business. All these motivators can give you a completely wrong picture about entrepreneurship. Entrepreneurs need to show an outstanding energy and commitment throughout their careers. That’s the […]

How to get Successfully Interview

Preparation – first step •       Research the company before the interview to learn as much as possible. •       Train yourself by asking a friend or family member to ask you typical interview questions and respond to them as best you can. •       Prepare answers to possible questions and look at yourself in a mirror when […]

Things not to say in an interview

 x It is not easy to give a job interview especially when you are desperate for the job. It is also not easy to keep your mind focused on the questions of the interviewer because you know you are not getting judged only on your knowledge, your dressing, body language and confidence is also getting […]

Low-Cost Marketing Techniques that Actually Work

A massive marketing campaign into which companies sink millions of dollars are almost bound to work out great (not always, right Pepsi?). However, it should also be pointed out that not all marketing campaigns and efforts need to cost as much as sending a few people to the International Space Station. Smaller companies can still […]

Some Amazing Career Planning Tips for College Students

Are you planning to start a career? Are you trying to decide what to do once you get done with your college? Are you looking for better career options? If your answer to all these questions is yes, then you will get some idea about the career planning tips that we provide to our college […]

8 Body Language Tips To Shine Out As A Candidate For a Job Interview!

Martha Graham once quoted: “The Body Never Lies.” As true as it sounds, our body sometimes say more than our words. For hiring managers, the body language servesas an important clue to learn about the temperament of a candidate. Therefore, it is important that you stay wary of your body languageright from the moment you […]

4 Expert Tips For AC-level/C-suite/Executive Level interview!

C-Suite and executive level interviews look for certain factors in the applicants they are interviewing. These include the personal style of the interviewee, as well as their leadership skills, along with their brand image, knowledge and insightful experience. The candidates should prepare themselves through research, references, rehearsal and networking. The interview itself is focused on […]

How well You’re Aware of Office Etiquettes?

  It has been seen frequently that whenever beginner employees step into the professional field, they don’t take it seriously; neither have they seemed to give any importance to the office environment to adjust them well. An office is a place that provides people a platform to showcase their skills and establish themselves as highly […]

7 Expert Tips To Create A Killer LinkedIn Profile!

No matter what job you’re doing or even if you’re unemployed searching for the right job, LinkedIn is your quickest route to a successful career. What you need to do is create a professional looking profile on this platform and you can increase your chances of getting the attention of the employers at the right […]